Volume 21

The Many Mirandas in Contemporary Culture: Colonialism, Sex, and Identity in Elizabeth Nunez’s Prospero’s Daughter, Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Sexy,” and Derek Jarman’s The Tempest
Jamie Stock

“I hope it’s Mutual;” Turning Tricks to Educate Ladies; Trapping Schoolmasters to Liberate Poets: The Aesthetics of Turning and Narrative Reciprocity in OurMutual Friend
Greta Snyder

Stranger in Paradise: Carwin, Holgrave, and the Paranoid Style in the Early Republic
Garrett Morrison

Victorian Truth and the Body as Text in Boer War Photography
Jordan Hayes

Seeds of Revisionary Storytelling: A Defense of Female Authorship in Edith Wharton’s “Pomegranate Seed”
Alethea Danby