Volume 26


“The ‘Peculiar Interchange of Glances’: Ocular Activity in George Eliot’s Middlemarch

Jesse Ataide

“Steam, Gears, and Goggles: The Cult of Steampunk and the Afterlife of Victorian Aesthetics”
Hannah Al-Saadoon

“Seeking After God: Sprung Rhythm as Natural and Origin-al”
Alex Ford

“The Struggle of Postcolonial Hunger and Self-Narrative in Richard Rodriguez’s Hunger of Memory
Heejung Sim

“The Modern Storyteller”
Tyler Heid

“The Sensual Sublime of Swineburne’s ‘Anactoria’”
Jason Slavin 

“Telling Their Own Story: Female Identity in the Courtship Plots of Evelina and Persuasion
Sarah Britto

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